food stability test

Stability & Shelf-life Testing

Shelf-life tests evaluate and document how long foods maintain their intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties. QACSFOOD specializes in accelerated ageing technology for shelf-life testing. We apply short– and long-term protocols, depending on the expected product shelf-life. To accelerate food deterioration, we subject food to controlled environments and perform quality evaluation and shelf-life estimation. Food Stability & shelf life tests are part of the R&D SUPPORT program of QACSFOOD laboratories. 

Shelf-life & stability food testing is conducted in suitable analytical, microbiological and sensory testing facilities. Stability chambers simulate a variety of controlled temperature and humidity conditions for storage. Special equipment is available for the evaluation of oxidative stabilityfood texturemulti spectral imaging  acidity, moisture change, microbiological and other characteristics depending on the type of product are studied.

Stability tests are intended to assess shelf life without necessarily assessing life time. They are applied in comparative studies for the study and evaluation of variants of the same product. Also to confirm the shelf life of canned or similar products in a glass or paper container.

Short-term and long-term protocols apply. Short-term products such as confectionery, dairy, meat / meat products and ready-to-eat foods are tested in real time. Long-term foods, refrigerated products, freezers, dry-storage foods, undergo Accelerated shelf-life testing (ASLT).

Stability & Shelf life

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