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The risk of cross-contamination in a production environment is always present. Ensuring environmental cleanliness is a critical part of quality assurance and current good manufacturing practices (CGMP). Patented A3 (ATP+ADP+AMP) Detection Technology and the Lumitester SMART™ system provide the most sensitive cleaning verification system available, detecting extremely low levels of organic residue on surfaces to ensure the cleanliness any environment.

ATP is the universal energy molecule found in all living things. The presence of ATP on surfaces indicates insufficient cleaning and the presence of contamination, including organic debris and bacteria. Organic residues left behind after insufficient cleaning, implies the ability of the surface to harbor bacteria, provide a source of nutrients for bacterial growth and protection from the action of disinfectants, supporting the formation of a biofilm if the condition of cleaning deficiency becomes systemic. Adenosine triphosphate bioluminescence (ATP Luminescence assay) is a widely used technology as a cleaning monitoring tool. It is a recognized technology as a sensitive method for the control of surfaces and water.

Conventional ATP testing systems, however, have a weakness in that ATP is degraded into ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate), by heat, fermentations, acids or alkalis, and enzymes occurring in the environment. Because they can only detect ATP, conventional ATP systems may miss residual contamination, while this is present.

Why should you choose QACSFOOD?

⇒The Lumitester SMART A3 Hygiene Monitoring System is a unique system, which for the first time detects ATP+ADP+AMP at the same time, giving you the full picture, detecting organic residue where conventional systems fail.

The patented A3 detection technology, which is integrated in the Smart Lumitester A3 system, achieves the detection of both ATP and the molecules resulting from its breakdown, ADP & AMP, which also demonstrate the presence of organic residue. The result is a much more sensitive detection method and an upgrade of Hygiene Control to a New Level, supported by scientific data.

  • A3 detection, means increased sensitivity.
  • Increased sensitivity means greater detection ability.
  • Ultimately it means better information, which results in better Hygiene.
  • Lumitester SMART is the Next Generation in the control and immediate verification of hygiene on surfaces and water.

Hygiene Testing

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