Food Quality Testing

Food Quality Testing is necessary to ensure Food or Packaging safety. In addition to safety, Food Quality Testing assists companies evaluate product quality and meet consumer preference standards. Lastly, with Food Quality Analysis manufacturers evaluate product compliance with regulatory requirements.

At QACSFOOD we provide state-of-the-art Microbiological, Analytical Chemistry and Molecular testing services to evaluate food quality, ensure consumer safety and shield brand protection. We perform Quality Testing services for Food, Feed, Supplements and Packaging. Industry support is also completed with laboratory testing services concerning RnD, Hygiene conditions, water quality and waste control.

To meet the ever-increasing needs of the industry for Quality Analysis, QACSFOOD’s laboratories are accredited according to the international standard ISO17025, provide competent chemistry and molecular biology analysis services, as well as result evaluation services based on legislative requirements. Additionally, we implement bespoke laboratory standards and provide rapid and effective testing solutions to meet the ever-increasing industry needs for Quality Analysis.


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