proficiency testing

QACSFOOD is a member of QACS.

QACS is a  FAPAS proficiency test provider since 2002.


FAPAS offers the largest range of analyte / matrix combinations available to the food industry, including chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology tests for a variety of matrices


  • FAPAS has over 4,500 participants taking part each year
  • 44 different samples for mycotoxins, in more than 30 matrices
  • 30 PTs for allergen testing, including specific allergen/matrix combinations and general screening
  • 18 PTs for genetically modified foods (GM foods) covering all the major GM crops

All FAPAS major proficiency testing schemes are accredited by UKAS in compliance with ISO/IEC 17043/2010, proficiency testing provider number 0009

A wide range of matrix QC and Reference Materials is available to further support laboratory quality assurance programs.  Real food matrices, combining incurred and spiked materials ensure samples represent a ‘real world’ testing situation wherever possible.

You may choose your Proficiency test through the lists available at the FAPAS website. We are here to assist you on your choice of the appropriate proficiency testing. For more info, proficiency tests and assistance on ring trials contact us at [email protected]

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