Cookie Policy

1.    What is a Policy about Cookies or Cookies Policy?

With this Policy our Company “QACSFOOD”, provides to the users / visitors of its website, information about the use of Cookies on this website. In particular, we inform you about the meaning of Cookies, the type of Cookies we install on your device, the type of data they collect, the purpose and the recipients to whom this data may be transmitted. Also, in this Policy, we inform you about the way to set or disable Cookies, depending on the type of Cookies.

2.    What are the Cookies?

Cookies are small information files (txt files), which are installed through the browser of the user / visitor of the website, on the computer or on his mobile device (in the application files of the browser and / or in the archive file structure of each user of the terminal device), when visiting the website. Cookies are used to make our website more functional and popular with you. Cookies allow us to improve your online experience and the services provided to you. We install “first-party Cookies”, i.e., Cookies installed by ourselves, and “third-party Cookies”, installed by others (e.g., advertising networks), through our website. Each time you visit the website, you will be asked to accept or reject specific categories of Cookies (it’s in your discretion which categories you are going to accept or reject). If you choose to continue browsing our website, you agree to the use of Cookies, which are necessary for the functionality of the website and which cannot be disabled (it’s the only category of Cookies which cannot be disabled by the user of our website due to functionality reasons).

3.    What kind of cookies do we use?

At this website, we use the following categories of Cookies: I. Necessary: ​​These Cookies are absolutely necessary for the operation of our website, so that you can browse the website and use its functions, such as access to secure areas. Without them, the services provided to you, such as your registration, cannot be provided. II. Preferences: These Cookies are intended to provide personalized and improved functionality to you when you visit the website, depending on certain criteria in the user terminal (e.g. browser type used, language, service access point settings, etc.). III. Statistics: Statistics Cookies allow us to collect anonymous information regarding the way you use our website (e.g. which pages of our website are frequently visited, if you receive error messages, etc.). These Cookies do not identify the user / visitor of the website, but the information they collect is aggregated and used solely to improve the performance of our website. IV. Marketing: Marketing Cookies are intended to receive information about your interest in our site and to provide personalized ads related to your interests. We also inform you that in this context, information relating to the way you use our website may be shared with third party social media, advertising, and analytics providers. In the table below, you can have more detailed information about the Cookies we use, by category and provider and receive information about them.

4.    How do you accept the above use of Cookies?

When connecting to our website, you receive a relevant message about the use of Cookies by us, in which you are invited to select the categories of Cookies, which you wish to accept or disable. With the above provided option, you explicitly provide your consent for the use of specific categories of Cookies, kept in a relevant electronic file of your choices by us.

5.    How to disable Cookies?

In any case, it is at your discretion to control the use of Cookies, to oppose to their use and to revoke whenever you wish, your consent, through the above procedure. To process the Cookies recorded during your browsing click here. If you wish to disable (or reactivate) the use of Cookies in overall, for all the webpages you visit, you can do so from your browser settings. For more details visit the following websites and be informed about the necessary actions you need to take.

  • Internet Explorer:

  • Mozilla Firefox:

  • Google Chrome:

  • Safari:

  • Safari for iPad and iPhone:

For detailed information on how you can manage Cookies, visit the website

6.    What are your rights?

In any case, you have the control over the processing of your personal data, reserving your rights, as provided in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (art. 13 et seq. GDPR) and in the Privacy Policy of our Company.

7.    Modifications

This Cookies Policy is subject to changes at any time and will always be updated on our website. The Policy has always been considered valid, as formulated by the most recent amendment.

Last update: 16/11/2022

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