nias screening

Non Intentionally Added Substances in FCM

With the increasing complexity of FCMs, NIAS screening makes it easier to detect chemicals not intentionally added during the manufacturing process. NIAS screening detects unintentionally added substances and quantifies contaminants from production, storage and recycling processes. In particular, recycled products may create unknown contaminants in Packaging Materials. NIAS screening detects chemical residues in plastic & non-plastic Food Contact Materials.

QACSFOOD’s Packaging Materials Testing services comply with applicable European & National legislations. Testing consists of a series of analyzes including:

  • organic volatile substances
  • semi-volatile substances after organic extraction
  • inorganic elements
  • detection of non-volatile substances

SET OFF Migration

Set-off migration occurs when printed surfaces of the packaging come in contact with the food. For example Set-off migration occurs when printed film foil is stored in rolls or when paper cups are stacked into each other.

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