package compatibility testing

Packaging Materials Analysis

Product protection and compatibility between product and container make the choice of packaging crucial during new product development. Compatibility tests between food and packaging are part of the R&D Support program of QACSFOOD laboratories. Sensory tests to assess modifications to the flavour of foodstuffs due to packaging materials are accredited under ISO13302:2003. Sensory analysis for the assessment (determination and verification) of the shelf life of foodstuffs is accredited under ISO16779:2015

Product – Packaging Interaction

Content and packaging interaction is likely to result in mechanical alterations of the packaging or alterations in product quality. Changes in shape, texture, oxidation, odor, taste or modifications of package tightness and loss of moisture are some of the possible consequences of packaging and product interaction during storage. Compatibility tests are necessary to ensure product quality throughout its life cycle.


Storage conditions significantly affect the interaction between packaging and content. Protocols of compatibility tests simulate the storage conditions of the product. At QACSFOOD we investigate the impact of factors such as light, temperature, humidity and expected shelf life.

Product deterioration occurs either due to the product itself or due to packaging alterations. At QACSFOOD we develop the packaging compatibility test protocol based on the specific needs of your product. We use inert glass containers as a reference. We also take into account the overall packaging design, including all materials and processes that shape the final product, such as caps, films, adhesives, inks, etc.

Packaging Compatibility

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