food authenticity testing

Food Authenticity Testing

Food Authenticity Testing benefits retailers, supermarkets and producers with rapid and accurate food testing solutions. At QACSFOOD we are equipped with advanced analytical techniques to detect and qualify Food Authenticity. We test Food, Beverage and Feed products. Molecular Food testing provides

✔️Accurate Authenticity results

✔️Production improvement

✔️Food Development

✔️Food Fraud detection

Food Authenticity testing

The usefulness of this tool to detect food Fraud (eg cow’s milk in feta or pork in beef) as well as Authenticity (eg certification of HALAL-VEGAN products). We perform Animal Species Identification via Real Time PCR, the most sensitive and reliable technique available. The rapid Breed detection method, is performed in 24h-48h. Aim of the analysis is to detect and semi-quantify animal origin DNA such as bovine, pork, sheep, lamb, goat, turkey, chicken & horse.

QACSFOOD provides molecular identification for meat, fish, seafood, plants, herbs and spices using DNA barcoding. We use specific molecular tools to multiply a small part of the organisms DNA via PCR. Then its sequence is analyzed in a Genetic Sequencer to be then compared with others in validated sequence databases such as B.O.L.D (Barcode of Life Data System) and to assign the species name. (5-7 days)

By analyzing and “reading” this piece of DNA containing the organism’s genetic identity, an indisputable “DNA certificate” of the species of the organism is obtained. In this way, the product or raw material acquires a “seal of authenticity” and producers/distributors are protected from counterfeiting e.g. food fraud detection. This process ultimately increases the products value e.g. the fish fillet is sourced in the country it claims to be from, or the product has not been replaced with a product of inferior quality.

We perform organism profiling using Next Generation sequencing (NGS analysis) to identify any organism, contained at species levels. NGS Analysis is ideal for food mixtures like sausages, pizzas, cheeses, herbs, spices, pies and others.

NGS innovative methodology with high sensitivity and specialization allows the detection of the organism’s profile contained within a sample, both qualitatively and quantitatively. As a result, the proportion of every organism is given. TAT 30 working days.

QACSFOOD, is equipped with the latest molecular technology, Real Time PCR to offer a range of accredited genetic modification tests for soyacottoncorn and other plant species. The examination of genetic modification presence on seeds, flour, feed and food is crucial for producers who need to verify product source, fulfill labeling requirements and comply with regulations (EU Regulation (EC) No. 1830/2003 and EU Regulation (EC) No. 619/2011).

Experienced analysts offer results in fast turnaround times and at competitive prices.

Food Authenticity. Check your product now!

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