gmo testing services

Genetically Modified Organism Testing

Seeds, feed and flour are prime candidates for Genetic Modifications. If you need to control product marketability, meet labeling requirements and comply with EU Regulations (EC) No 1830/2003 and (EC) no. 619/2011 proceed to GMO testing.

QACSFOOD offers a wide range of accredited analyzes for Genetically Modified products in three plant species, soybean, corn and cotton. Other plant species are also tested. Additionally, Labs are equipped with the latest molecular technology, Real Time PCR to deliver results in fast response times.

Available tests

Qualitative methods determines the presence / absence of genetically modified DNA. Also, information on genetic modification is provided. This analysis is necessary to support the “GMO-free” claim.

Quantitative methods indicate the genetic modification magnitude. The limit of quantification is 0.09% and the limit of detection is 0.045%. The analysis estimates if your product lies above or below the allowed GMO limit.

Turnaround Times

Results are available within 5-7 working days upon receipt of the samples.

Results are available within 2-4 working days upon receipt of the sample.

Accredited Food Testing

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