Food Nutritional Analysis

Food Label Review

Labelling is linked to consumer safety. Additionally, labeling errors may result in product recalls affecting business reputation. In QACSFOOD we provide label review services for food & animal feed.

Many years of technical experience and market knowledge allow us to proceed to food label evaluation. Food Label review testing services are performed in accordance with the requirements of national and European legislations to ensure marketability.


We evaluate the marketability of the food label in terms of content and presentation, according to:

  • the European legislation and the respective requirements of each Member State
  • US legislation (FDA, Food & Drug Administration)
  • AustralianNew Zealand legislation (FSC, Food Standards Code)

In addition, we provide the opportunity for translation (Greek, English) by simultaneously controlling the wording of the indications.

We answer your individual requests and concerns regarding labeling, in accordance with the relevant regulatory framework.

We develop from the beginning a draft label with all the necessary information regarding your product and how it should be declared, including the nutritional value table, list of ingredients etc.

We test, translate and develop animal feed labels, based on EC Reg. 767/2009.

Food Label Review

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