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OTR Testing Services

At QACSFOOD we provide OTR-Barrier testing of packaging and films at different temperatures and relative humidity values simulating the real storage conditions of the product. OTR tests are commonly used for packaging materials in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

Barrier properties of packaging materials are strongly interconnected with packaging system efficiency and food quality maintenance. Oxygen molecules are the main contributors to spoilage reactions of such products especially the sensitive ones. Measuring the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of package system may significantly extend the shelf-life of food and non-food products. Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) describes the rate at which oxygen gas permeates through a material at specified conditions.


  • Flexible packaging samples to rigid package systems
  • Range 0.005 and 2000 cm3 O2/m² day
  • Automatic controlled relative humidity testing range


OTR Testing benefits Food & Packaging Manufacturers. Additionally, such an advanced packaging analysis may assist either during the Research and Development stage or during crisis management. As a result,  OTR testing is a solution addressed to the whole food industry. Check how OTR Testing may benefit you!

  • Optimization of Packaging material to extend Shelf-life and test Rancidity
  • Checking the barrier properties decreasing the plastic content
  • Changing packaging materials for your product
  • Studying novel Bio-based materials
  • Develop new materials for sensitive products

Another test often done together with OTR is water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), as water vapor is another main factor related to the shelf-life of products. Water Vapour Transmission Rate is also provided under the ASTM E96 protocol.

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