QACSFOOD-Press Release

ERGANAL, Food and Packaging Testing Lab with a long tradition in quality control testing of food, beverages and other consumer and industrial products and packaging materials, has finalized its collaboration with AGENT, Agricultural Environmental Testing & Research Labs which have been active for over 20 years in the field of chemical analyzes of food and especially in the field of residues testing.

AGENT Labs, accredited since 2003 according to ISO 17025, provide rigorous chemistry and molecular biology laboratory testing services, as well as results evaluation services based on legislation requirements. AGENT Labs operate within a structured organizational environment to ensure Quality, Reliability and Confidentiality of the testing services and Consistency in delivery times & the general terms of cooperation.

With this collaboration, the QACSFOOD and AGENT laboratories strengthen their know-how and expand the scope of services provided to the food, feed and beverage industry under the brand name QACSFOOD.

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